What's New?

Zarbana Aluminum Extrusion, LLC has added a state of the art 7" 1984 ton Extral Extrusion press line that went into full operation in May of 2016. With the new Extral press line our quality and lead-time is at the for front of our competitors. Please browse our website for more information on the press or visit Extral Technology

Getting It Done Right

Zarbana Aluminum Extrusions is your one-stop, single source extruder of both standard and custom shaped aluminum parts. We've got you covered from start to finish. With our polite and attentive sales associates, both in-house and on the road, we will do our best to ensure your happiness on all of our business transactions. Our two-press operation allows for a large production of your parts in a timely fashion, while we simultaneously provide quality parts with constant, reliable inspections by our experienced Quality Assurance team. These knowledgeable associates make the quality of your parts, their primary responsibility.

We Know Extrusions

Experience in this industry is invaluable. You would be hard pressed to find an extruder with its associates having as much overall knowledge of the industry, as the assembled talent here at Zarbana Aluminum Extrusions. When the time comes to choose an extruder, our customers need to be secure in the knowledge that the company that they choose is competent to handle all of their needs. You can trust that our well versed staff can handle almost any aluminum extrusion need that arises.

Press Specifications
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Extral 7" Extrusion Press Line

Specifications: * 3700 PSI, * Short stroke, front load, * 7" billet /max length 35.5", * Dead cycle time 13 seconds w/burp 14 seconds, * Dual puller, * Handling system has all Kevlar belts, * Stretcher 44 US ton - maunal or auto, * Run-out table - 178', * Automated heat treat line, * 58' Age Oven, * Multi-packing stations.

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Superior Fabrication & CNC Services

With a large fabrication unit within the plant, we can cut your part back to almost any length and/or angle required. Additionally, we offer brush and vibratory de-burring, bending, and a variety of punch presses for punching, slotting, etc. When specific cuts and tolerances are required, our CNC department employs detailed computerized milling to help meet your every need.