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Minimum Weight: lbs / ft 0.034
Maximum Weight: lbs / ft 11.5
Maximum Weight of extruded bar: lbs 24
Maximum Length: 55 ft
Maximum Section: Rectangular Section in 11.8x1.18
  Square Section in. 7x7
  Round Section diameter in 8


We have many different capabilities at our disposal in the Fabrication Department. As a result of the numerous capabilities and abundantly experienced fabrication staff, we can satisfy all of your fabrication needs. The range of options includes: simple cutting to size and de-burring operations and complicated bending and other extensive operations, we have all of your bases covered! Contact Zarbana today to discuss all of these options!

CNC Machining

With the four CNC machines we have at Zarbana Aluminum Extrusions, we can precision machine parts from 1" all the way up to 240" long, while holding very tight tolerances. Custom tooling is created to help speed up the production of the machined parts. We offer competitive pricing for all the CNC machining capabilities we have. Please contact your Customer Service Agent today to find out more!